InHouse is a brand development and management agency, with a focus on the UK luxury consumer goods and lifestyle sector.

Seeking clarity and advantage in every decision.


InHouse is the design team behind product company Tom Martin London. With a signature design style, developed over consecutive years of growing the business and brand, a creative arm of Tom Martin London provide select clients with brand development and management, adopting our signature design style and personable approach to customer service and communication.  

We design and develop brands with longevity and emotion, supporting businesses built on pride. In adopting our design style, allows our chosen projects to be executed with excellence. 

A style, utterly perfected.



Marrying innovation with design



CAPTORIA is the application for images with sound. The app, available on iOS devices, bridges the three-dimensional nature of video with the instinctive, yet two dimensional characteristic of photography. 


Halo, westcliff

Building consistency through
 digital and physical assets


Halo, Westcliff

Halo, Westcliff, formally Halo Hair and Beauty, underwent a brand redevelopment which was launched in November 2016. Previously restrained with a poor digital presence and a lack of cohesion between the award winning experience within the salon and the digital marketing presence, the rebrand was designed, developed and implemented to revitalise a flagging digital identity and to bring it inline with the quality of service the business offers.


martin dawn plc

A new logo for a new future

161015 SNAP Southend v Chesterfield 02 copy.jpg

Martin Dawn PLC

InHouse were approached by property company Martin Dawn PLC to modernise their logo - an emblem which had remained unchanged since 1983.